Month: August, 2015

ENEMY NIGHT — A Gamecell Recap

We explored the question, “How does one love their enemies and what games equip you to deal with enemies in redemptive ways?”

How we planted the gamecell handoff

I have a theory: there’s always at least a coupe guys in a gamecell meeting who could one day lead a crew of their own.

Hitting a podcast stride with the TheoGameBro Trio

We’ve finally gotten our acts together. We bubble our friendship over into a radio show about video games and how it they relate to following Jesus.

What do you do if God talks to you, but doesn’t seem like Jesus?

Did you know that video games exist where God talks to you?

What did I start writing at Indie Haven?

What happened since I transformed into an Indie Havener (Havenite?) a couple weeks ago?

Archmage Rises Demo Series: Look What We Made!

Jump straight to the segment that intrigues you the most. My favorite is the politics and relationships.

What did we do on Sin Night?

Sin and Jesus might not sound like a fun topic, but our questions and games maybe made it more fun than (maybe) it should have been!