Hitting a podcast stride with the TheoGameBro Trio

by M. Joshua


Zachery, Bryan, and I make up the TheoGameBro Trio. We’re the editing staff for TheologyGaming.com. We’re also the admins for the Theology Gaming Facebook group, Theology Gaming University. And just over the past few weeks, we’ve finally gotten our acts together. We bubble our friendship over into a radio show about video games and how it they relate to following Jesus.

Grab your internet radio device (iPod/iPhone/Droid/Desktop) and pop over to these handy dandy episodes. They’re just over an hour each and make for perfect commute banter if you’ve got a long drive.

In the first episode in this list, we talk about how to form a healthy online community that values the voices of the least heard.

Our second TheoGameBro Trio episode focused square on the role sin plays in our game lives and how we can deal with it in engaged-but-discerning ways.

And our third episode recorded just last week, we explore how to pursue emotional health around play time — especially for those of us who get blue easily.

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