October Articles

by M. Joshua


I wrote my first news piece at Indie Haven about the semi-stealth release of amazing party game, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.


I continued to semi-stealth-promote my game-trailer-making business by sharing other peoples work in The Top Trailers Roundup. This was volume 8! We started a video series that tells folks all they Need To Know about neat new indie games. In this case, it was Skyshine’s Bedlam. Here’s the video:

We reviewed the hardcore bullet hell co-op game, Assault Android Cactus at Theology Gaming. I called it a bossy bullet hell game for four buds. We gave it four stars!


I also wrote about Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime for Theology Gaming. The main crux of it was about how the game requires good communication. But I’m not good at it. So I made a video:

What? Four rad podcasts too! That’s over three hours of game talk! 

Last week, Zachery and I talked about Player Agency and Metal Gear Solid V on the Theology Gaming Podcast.

That same day, I got to be on an English show with my new friend across the pond, Robert Edwards. We talked about a life-long formation around video games (and how I went from playing games as a kid to making game trailers and doing video game related ministry). Sidebar, also be sure to check out Robert’s blog where he rounds up the games-related stuff he writes!


But wait! That’s not all! Last month, I missed a link to one of the awesomely-produced Plus 10 Damage Clubbin’ Podcast. David and I explored why Rocket League is so great!

Oh! And I rejoined the old Theology Gaming Podcast Trifecta that included Zachery Oliver, Ted Loring and myself. We talked about Dropsy and coming up from air in a busy season.

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