November Articles

by M. Joshua


I tried a few new things this month. Most importantly, I tried to give a greater platform for others. We started a series at Indie Haven called OUR INDIE WEEK. The first one captured the last week in October and featured a surprising volume of Bob Ross. And I didn’t get to the second one until November 22nd, but I think we’ve got a great way to show-off the indie game stuff we love, and share our write-ups together.


Fallout 4 took over a lot of people’s lives this month. And just before it did, Bryan and I shared the ways Fallout 3 affected us spiritually. I wrote about Fallout 3’s Biblical themes while Bryan wrote about how blowing-up Megaton made him feel. Then Fallout 4 came out on November 10th. So after I got my head around Fallout 4’s new morality system, I wrote about it for Gamechurch.

Indie Haven published a new game trailer roundup, plus a few of my video pieces such as this one about Galak Z:

And Indie Haven published this video review for Animal Gods:

My personal achievement for the month was getting featured on Gamasutra’s front-page for writing about making trailers that capture the player’s emotional journey. I got responses from a lot of game developers saying that it made them think about game trailers differently. So that was pretty encouraging. It also let me tell my game trailer journey so far. So it was a win-win.

I also finished the trailer for Archmage Rises that I was working on with the developer, Thomas Henshell. Take a look!

Articles (and trailer work) listed: