October Articles Vol. 2

by M. Joshua

Holy crap! I posted a ton of articles this past month!


In GameChurch land, I wrote about two hot-ticket games this past month: Soma and The Beginner’s Guide. And at Theology Gaming, I reviewed the fantastic baseball party Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings. My buddy Scottie let me borrow Syndicate (2012) and I wrote about the best and worst things about that game. Oh, and I really had to question tmy 98 hours with Metal Gear Solid V. Then Zachery and I discussed MGSV at great length in the Phantom Pain Spoilercast.

At Indie Haven, I reviewed Extreme Exorcism. I also did my trailer roundup (volume 9) and a news story about how Hard West got pushed back to November 18th. And I got to go on the Indie Haven podcast for the first time. I also made a ton of NEED TO KNOW videos:

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