December Articles

by M. Joshua

It’s GOTY SEASON! That means nothing for most normal human beings, but if you write about video games it’s the “most important time of the year.” You’re forced to rank all of your favorite games of the year on a list from one to ten. If you all cared, I could tell you that my personal favorites bounced between Life is Strange and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But I don’t think that’s a terribly interesting conversation. Instead, I had more fun contributing on conversation that deconstruct the GOTY game conventions and came up with something a little more “spiritual.”


First off, we put a lot of discussion and deliberation into picking the 2015 Games Jesus Loves for GameChurch. Just look at this list! Richard Clark, Drew Dixon, CT Casberg, and I hashed out this list for over two hours. You can listen to how we came up with these picks in the first or second two-hour podcast on the matter. It’s actually pretty listenable despite its length.


At Theology Gaming, we put together our own list that focused on simply awarding games that took care to handle the subjects of faith and belief with exceptional grace and nuance. Most of the games weren’t made by folks who probably identify as Christian. And the list is not complete, despite being super-long. Take a look at the Best Theology Video Games of 2015. Bryan Hall and Zachery Oliver helped with this one a ton.

Indie Haven didn’t get a lot of articles or videos from me this month. But I did manage to wrangle up the contributors for an Our Indie Week article about our favorite things in the first week of December. Oh, and I joined Josh Hinke on the podcast to talk about Hard West. That was fun. More importantly, we did a couple of super awesome lists. My favorite was the Ultimate Couch Mulitiplayer Guide of 2015, but the list for Best Roguelikes of 2015 got the most hits. Folks love their permadeath! We also recently did another Indie Haven podcast dedicated to the best games of the year that nobody else is talking about, but that hasn’t published yet, so stay tuned to the Indie Haven podcast!

Gamasutra got a nice long list of my fav indie game trailers of the year, so if you love a good story in record time, be sure to check that out!

I wasn’t super productive in game writing land in December because I was focused on trailer production for a particularly special game. You can watch that trailer right here:

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