February Articles

by M. Joshua

I’m stock-recording podcasts like an eager beaver while getting ready for our son’s arrival—he’s due in just a few days now!



We brought back the Radiance Game Dev Podcast, where we talk to game developers about how following Jesus informs their video game design. We’ve recorded a whole four episodes this last month! Amy and Ryan from That Dragon, Cancer provided an incredible episode about how to be a game dev married couple. Before that, Justin Fox talked a ton about how he didn’t expect to spend over four years making his game, ReElise. Evan Todd, creator of Lemma, came on the show and discussed the trap of getting your self-worth from game dev recognition. Then, Dropsy showed up by way of his creator, Jay Tholen. Jay talked about injecting Christ into games. It’s a lot to listen to, so you better get started!

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Fernando Ramallo came onto the Gamechurch podcast to talk about his spiritual formation and his game, Panoramical. Drew and I talked to him about being a game dev nomad and an endless tinkerer. Also, listen to this episode if you like charming Argentinian accents!


Over at Gamasutra, I invited developers to discover that their game’s trailer isn’t for them; it’s for judgy teenagers like these:


Judgy teenagers might not seem like they’re full of useful input, but I discovered that they’re really great for making game trailers. I wrote about how judgy teens can help you figure out how to make trailers that aren’t for you, but are for the players.


Firewatch captures the beauty of the Wyoming wilderness—and it’s a pretty flipping good videogame, thanks to the amazing way the characters feel like real people. My buddy Bryan and I reviewed the game together on his blog, JohnnyBGamer.com. But that wasn’t the only game that Bryan and I co-reviewed.

We also co-wrote a review about the first episode of King’s Quest. He said:

“I found the introduction to Graham compelling: through his exploits with the dragon and the Telltale-like choices with said dragon — set her free, or walk away. Being able to do all of these things with my son, even better.”

Read the King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember review on Theology Gaming.


Couch multiplayer games are like catnip to me. I can’t stop getting people over to my house, playing the games, and then writing about them.

Move Or Die got a piece from me on Gamechurch. I said, “There’s one thing that Move or Die does well, and that’s serve as a party game.

Demons With Shotguns is also a thing. It lets friends blast each other to chunky flesh bits. It’s also pretty solid, despite being an Early Access game. I wrote about how it competes with Towerfall pretty well.



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