January Articles

by M. Joshua

The New Year re-orients us. It shifts our priorities in just a tiny amount that can change where we go. As I looked at my priorities for the year, one big change capture my attention: my son is coming. A lot of my thinking and priorities shift more towards Jess and I having him. That also means I’m trying to think more in terms of business and connections. Some of that means that I’ve taken-up Rich Clark’s reigns on the Gamechurch podcast.


Drew and I interviewed Adam Saltsman, the creator of Canabalt, on the Gamechurch podcast. While you may have not heard of Canabalt, you’ve likely played an endless runner (Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride, Tiny Wings, and Despicable Me: Minion Rush).  Before Canabalt, nobody ever made a one-touch game for mobile that captured the tension of running and jumping. Adam shared a ton about his recent project, Overland, and how he was formed by family and community into the indie godfather that he’s now known to be.

That Dragon, Cancer came out this month. It was a big deal to me, since I developed the game’s trailer. My buddy Josh Hinke at Indie Haven interviewed me on the project, my experience with the game, and the general trailer-making process. I’d recommend listening to this Indie Haven podcast episode. Josh is an excellent host who exhibits a ton of clarity, focus, and expert knowledge-bombs. If you haven’t listened to the Indie Haven podcast in a while, now is the perfect time to start.


Oxenfree taps into the idea of traveling with good company. It’s a uniquely powerful game about teenagers venturing together and unearthing a captivating mystery. I wrote about this quality and many more things at gamechurch.com.

And finally, I was invited to speak to Kentucky indie game devs about indie game trailers, and working on That Dragon, Cancer. I gave a half hour talk and answered a ton of great questions. WE recorded the whole thing and you can watch it here:

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