by M. Joshua


Zeekiel Joseph Cauller was born on March 8, 2016. His favorite things include eating, sleeping, and bouncing up and down. I had assumed that upon his arrival, I’d be a lot less productive, and despite taking off two weeks after he was born, it looks like I still have a lot to show for it.

I produced one trailer while one I produced in February went live. I wrote four articles about game trailers, and the virtues found in three particularly-memorable┬ávideo games, and I appeared on three podcasts. Not too shabby for a month mostly “taken off.”

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  1. Starbreak Steam Trailer
  2. Ecotone Early Access Trailer


  1. Best indie game trailers of Q1, 2016
  2. Putting Naivete to rest in 1979 Revolution
  3. The power of suffering in The Flame in the Flood
  4. Finding grace in Devil Daggers


  1. Nic Biondi, Hardlander and Community
  2. Tim Cleary, Aetherlight and Worldbuilding
  3. Kert Gartner, Game Trailers and The Universe’s Vastness