M. Joshua Cauller

About the author

When M. Joshua Cauller was in his early 20s, Jesus saved him from an abstract other-worldly Christian religion. He was brought into a relationship with God that was focused on this world, where His Kingdom is advancing. And as a result, M. Joshua wants to discuss what’s happening in the creative world around us. He wants to get to the heart of things. His main focus tends to be music and videogames.


M. Joshua loves weird music. The music shared and reviewed here will likely reflect that. But weird isn’t quite good enough for him. The heart is the most important part. So if something is weird, but doesn’t ignite our spirits and activate all that’s good within us? He’s probably not going to touch it. But if you want music that praises God and you’re sick of popular Christian music (CCM), here’s a good place to find out about worthwhile stuff.


Many of Jesus’ followers have blown-off videogames as “immature.” In fact “Mature” rated videogames usually aren’t actually mature at all (often existing to satisfy adolescent power fantasies). But videogames are maturing. They’re becoming more aware of what it means to be human. They’re engaging with deeply personal stories. In many sectors, they’re honoring non-violence and pacifism. And all around, they’re becoming more empowering to the creativity of their players. Most of that change and improvement is happening in the independent gaming scene. And if you’re not a gamer, but just want to know what games are worthwhile for a gamer you love? This is a great place for that, too.


Unfortunately, people who identify with Jesus haven’t had the best track-record with timeliness regarding media and arts. While this blog is working to remedy that, it is certainly not locked-into time relevant media and pseudo reviews. A lot of the reviews around here are about things most people have missed. They’re often late. Sometimes years late. But don’t let that put you off. There’s a reason why they’re being brought up. And if you’re up for it, it would be awesome to hear your take on things.

Thanks for joining the conversation.

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