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What do you do if God talks to you, but doesn’t seem like Jesus?

Did you know that video games exist where God talks to you?

Wrapping up at Plus 10 Damage — Last Three Contributions

Man, I’ve loved writing at Plus 10 Damage. Sass, class, and video games in an online hand grenade. It’s been great. But that season has come to its dramatic conclusion.

Videos: Let’s Play Games With GAMECELL!

DANG! Check out these videos we made with our GAMECELL crew!

Articles: Two Sets of 5 Things And Videogame Pornography?

I wrote more things! This time I go from sounding really liberal to really prudish! Oh, and I’m making game trailers now, so I might as well toss that out there. 5 Best Game Trailers of the Week — Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker & More I’m wrapping up the five best trailers of the week over […]

Articles: Telepath Cowboys Don’t Hate Miami

I wrote some things! Oh goodie. We’ve got some tasty little reviews and some reflections on how games relate to faith (big surprise from me, right?). All articles wrap around the themes of engaging with the moral underbellies of videogame places that test one’s convictions. Or give you opportunity to witness bad choices outside yourself? You decide.

Articles: Holy Week, Game-Parenting, and Rogue Babies with Spears

What videogames help you enter into Holy Week? Can videogames be a huge part of God’s calling in your life? What videogames connect parents and their children? And what games are worth checking out? We examine these questions in the following articles.

Articles: Blind Forest Dungeons Stress-Out Gravity’s Lynx Momma

In which we discover M. Joshua’s contributions elsewhere: some reviews, a feature about learning to parent humans by simulating lynx motherhood, and a videogame that explores the consequences of stress-management.

Articles: Oh No! Stardust-Robots Murdered Citizens of Earth!

In which we recap contributions elsewhere: A review of Stardust Vanguards, a how-to guide for political cartoon videogames, and why you should try ghost-detective work.

You Should Listen To The Radiance Game Dev Podcast!

If you ever wanted to make a “Christian Videogame,” you need to listen to the Radiance Podcast. Not that I’m biased or anything.

Recaps, Podcasts, and Best Game Trends of 2014

In the interest of just getting to the content, I’m gonna spend less time detailing what’s posted elsewhere and just get straight to the goods. … I hosted two podcasts over at Theology Gaming. Our TGBS Awards Show may be our best episode of the year. As we gave out a whole bunch of ridiculous awards […]