Category: Family & Identity

A GameCell Birthday With No Birthday Boy (Mostly)

It seemed appropriate to celebrate Alex Carter’s birthday since our GameCell got together on the exact day he turned 22.

Mammoth GameCell (16!)

Somehow we crammed fourteen full-size males into my tiny living room. Then we asked this question: “Who’s your biggest living hero?”

GameCell Date Night (And Questions!)

In which, we reflect on the topic of dating and what our GameCell talked about/played on Friday night.

Christian Dating (Third Revision)

I had this dating advice article that landed before Jess and I got married (over three years ago). Seems like a good time for a re-think now that we now have so many young single friends.

Voluntary Servitude GameCell

In which, our gamecell flirts with max capacity, we look at feet, and we play games about mopping, crawling, jazz, and hypnospace…

SportsFriends GameCell

In which, our GameCell played the Sportsfriends collection in the back yard and we discussed God and stuff.

Resurrection, Alzheimers, and Alpha Protocol

In which, we explore some of the best stuff from April because we’re lazy and didn’t share it until now…

Sharing GameCell Over Formative Stories

In which, our GameCell gets a specially guest who wants to start something like GameCell in his own community. Also, we talk about formative stories and play Child of Light

Kids From Church Design Game in My Car (And Here It Is…)

Isaiah informed me that he made the game we talked about after church.

Resurrection and Octodad: GameCell Recap

In which, our GameCell talked about the resurrection of Jesus and octopuses who have to make coffee.