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Netflix Dump: Fuller House, Dope and Nurse Jackie

We watched a ton of Netflix while we were waiting for Zeek to be born. I’d like to think we found some stuff worth recommending. Here’s three things I liked — and what’s good about them.

Let’s Play ‘This War of Mine’

This War of Mine is a game about the victims of war. Using survival-crafting mechanics, the game casts us into the care of three survivors. I’d like to share my play-through of the game with you.

Ugly Fan Service: God’s Not Dead (Un)Review

So this God’s Not Dead movie surprised a lot of folks by making a multi-million-dollar splash in box offices this weekend. It’s supposed to show how Christians should respond to atheists. But I take huge issue with its ugly framework:

Guess I’ve Been Busy?

I’ve got lots of new stuff popping-up all around the interwebs: from commentary on TV shows, to weird indie game first-person narratives, to interviews with game designers.

Weekend: Banana Bread, Bible Jeopardy, and Argonauts

Vince co-hosted with Alex as they asked questions that split down the middle between pop culture and Bible trivia. I volunteered to be one of the contestants. I correctly guessed things like the starting year of Metallica, the primary characters in Family Guy, and who said what in what book of the Bible. By the final round, I was well ahead of Elise and Isaiah with a score of $6600, $4400, and $2800 respectively.

I Made a Video!

Jessica and I have been working on this video for the past month and a half or so, encapsulating kids and volunteers’ stories into a meaningful little nine-minute video. It’ll tell you all about our ministry, 18 South, which Jessica directs. Plus, it’ll tell you all about what God is doing in the midst of that.

Bigheads Newell & Abrams Argue: Videogames vs Film

Discussion about a possible Abrams-Newell teamup to bring us a Portal/Half-Life film has been stewing. But at the heart of that prospect is this little discussion from two of the biggest big heads in entertainment fiction:

Weekend: Zombies, Christmas Parties, and Baby Jedis

Jess and I didn’t plan our evening effectively. But we made it into the theatre just as the opening credits were starting. The music made it feel more like a soap opera than any of the earlier pieces of the series. Then, the cast started opening their mouths. Hilarity ensued. Hulk Kristen Stewart raged, “YOU NICKNAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCK NESS MONSTER?!?” At that moment, I knew that Breaking Dawn Part 2 was going to be the very best Twilight movie yet.

Weekend: Scaredy Cats, Mentorship, and Famous Michael Carr Impersonators

We got MacGyver! He was all about us coming and getting him until he got in the carrier and we walked to the car. He got really scared and started meowing. Jess carried him on her lap. Our hour-long drive really got to our poor kitty and he had a nervous poop. Right on Jess’ lap. We got home, cleaned him up, and got him settled in his room. He was still quite terrified.

Josh Garrels Film and Philly Show

Josh Garrels’ music and creative career seems to embody all that Love Subverts is about. Somehow, his musical library is vast and yet my mention on this blog is slim. Since there’s far too much to say and not enough time to say it, I’ll share three things:

He’s got an upcoming Film worth watching.
He’s touring the East Coast and will be in Philly on Saturday, Dec 8.
At the concert, he’ll be showing the film and playing a set with Mason Jar Music.