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Weekend Roundup – Nov 26

Thanksgiving day involved a lot of moving parts. And by that, I mean we were moving a lot of parts. Since the house was still full of unpacked boxes and and unorganized furniture, we had to get settled.

Rob Bell’s Upcoming TV Show

I have fallen out of touch. As a once self-professed Rob Bell junkie, I’ve not had any clue that Rob was up to something big. A year ago, Rob handed-off the reigns of his church. He moved to LA to make a TV show, working with Lost’s executive producer, Carlton Cuse. The show is going to be a drama that deals with the subject of faith and spirituality, based loosely on Rob’s own life. It’s set to air on ABC some vague time soon.

The Creativity of Indie Video Games

In my earlier letters to you, I’ve tried to welcome you to the world of indie games. I shared Indie Game: The Movie, a feature length documentary that gave a very unique look into the creation of an indie game (by the way, that film is now on Netflix Instant). But that movie wasn’t for everyone. And if all you’re looking for is an introduction to indie games, it’s a little too rich. Enter PBS’s Off Book episode on The Creativity of Indie Video Games. It’s one of the best synopses I’ve seen yet. Enjoy.

Blue Like Jazz (film)

Blue like Jazz isn’t a Christian movie. It’s not even really an artsy indie flick. It’s something else. It’s about our story in God, perhaps. Our story in God doesn’t end with a wound. It starts with that wound getting healed. That’s one thing this film maybe gets right.

Dark Knight Rises and Fear

When the credits hit the screen, the first thing I felt was satisfaction. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has concluded. It has addressed part of the famous “What does it mean to be human?” question. And what part of the human experience did he successfully capture? Fear.

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie chronicles the lives and trials of these guys: the video game underdogs: the small teams of guys who make authentic and personal games. The message of the film (as I see it) is this: These guys made games. You can too. Just know that the process in getting there is stressful beyond

3 Weak Films and Fatherhood

The subject of fatherhood has been consistently taking on deeper reality in my life. As a result, I see it everywhere – or the lack thereof. So as I share, let me know what you think: am I reading too much into these films?

Brave and the Mother-Daughter Story

I want to share some of my reflections on the film, Brave. I apologize in advance. I have a tendency to spoil things. Reflections (SPOILERS): The first half of the film was pretty much everything that you had seen from the trailers: the tomboy Scottish princess wants to escape a politically arranged marriage to pursue […]

Blue Like Jazz Movie Trailer

Have you ever read Don Miller’s book of the same name? Well, the movie is almost here. What do you think of this trailer?

Footnote: Christian TV That Doesn’t Suck

Okay. Okay. Calling Footnote Christian TV is a little bit of a misnomer. The show focuses on all kinds of short stories that punctuate our lives. It never gets preachy. The stories aren’t only about Christians. Many other views get expressed. The show is produced with expert class, precision and skill. Each episode is artfully told as it delicately handles serious and personal stories.