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Here’s what our GameCell did on Confusion Night

Most of our GameCell crew doesn’t follow Jesus, but I wanted to prep them when they do follow him and find themselves feeling super confused.

How Did GameCell Go Without Me? — Consequence Night

Vince and Tyler led gamecell without me, did amazingly.

ENEMY NIGHT — A Gamecell Recap

We explored the question, “How does one love their enemies and what games equip you to deal with enemies in redemptive ways?”

How we planted the gamecell handoff

I have a theory: there’s always at least a coupe guys in a gamecell meeting who could one day lead a crew of their own.

What did we do on Sin Night?

Sin and Jesus might not sound like a fun topic, but our questions and games maybe made it more fun than (maybe) it should have been!

GAMECELL — VIP Access Night

Did you know that your importance to gives you special VIP Access to God and the things he’s doing in this world? That’s what our GameCell explored on Friday: VIP Access.

GAMECELL Recap: 2-Min Fly By — Wedding Night

Watch this new and improved GAMECELL recap video:

Videos: Let’s Play Games With GAMECELL!

DANG! Check out these videos we made with our GAMECELL crew!

Videos: Learning Heroes of the Storm

M. Joshua tries Heroes of the Storm and sucks horribly. Fun for all ages!

POWER OF GOD Night — A GameCell Recap

Power seems like it’s how the world works: the powerful control and the weak are overpowered. But in the Bible, we see a God who almost always only shows his power through human weakness and humility. With that in mind, we explored the theme of power in the ironically named, “POWER OF GOD Night.”