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I had assumed that upon his arrival, I’d be a lot less productive, and despite taking off two weeks after he was born, it looks like I still have a lot to show for it.

November Articles

I tried a few new things this month. Most importantly, I tried to give a greater platform for others.

October Articles Vol. 2

Holy crap! I contributed to a ton of articles this past month!

October Articles

Looks like I’ve been writing/contributing a lot lately.

How Did GameCell Go Without Me? — Consequence Night

Vince and Tyler led gamecell without me, did amazingly.

September Articles

I returned to my writing posts and bring you the results of some hard-written articles.

Video Reviews: Sunset, Neon Struct, Sproggiwood, and more!

Hey kid, what do ya think of these here video reviews for video games?

GAMECELL Recap: 2-Min Fly By — Wedding Night

Watch this new and improved GAMECELL recap video:

Videos: Let’s Play Games With GAMECELL!

DANG! Check out these videos we made with our GAMECELL crew!

Articles: Telepath Cowboys Don’t Hate Miami

I wrote some things! Oh goodie. We’ve got some tasty little reviews and some reflections on how games relate to faith (big surprise from me, right?). All articles wrap around the themes of engaging with the moral underbellies of videogame places that test one’s convictions. Or give you opportunity to witness bad choices outside yourself? You decide.