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January Articles

The New Year re-orients us. It shifts our priorities in just a tiny amount that can change where we go. As I looked at my priorities for the year, one big change capture my attention: my son is coming. A lot of my thinking and priorities shift more towards Jess and I having him. That also means […]

December Articles

It’s GOTY SEASON! That means nothing for most normal human beings, but if you write about video games it’s the “most important time of the year.”


Getting teenage boys to discuss repentance might be a terrible idea, but I figured “why not give it a go?”


GAMECELL explores games, life, and God. We meet every two weeks in my living room and basement. These recaps hope to spark your imagination. We love violence in video games, even if we hate it in real life. So I figured, why not use that as fuel for discussion with the GAMECELL crew? Let’s talk about […]


RETRO NIGHT (old school Nintendo games): Daniel, Seth 1, Brylan, Seth 2, John, Alex Carter, Brandon, Greg, and Yoshi flooded my living room with Vince and Wayne while I was out in Ohio.

GameCell: Exploring LGBTQ Issues and the Bible

“Anybody know what tonight’s about?” I asked. Dan said, “Yeah, LGBT stuff.” I confirmed, but I added that it was actually LGBTQ Night.

What did GameCell choose for Choice Night?

We asked, “What kind of choices do you make in real life?” and “What kind of choices do you make in games?”

Here’s what our GameCell did on Confusion Night

Most of our GameCell crew doesn’t follow Jesus, but I wanted to prep them when they do follow him and find themselves feeling super confused.

How Did GameCell Go Without Me? — Consequence Night

Vince and Tyler led gamecell without me, did amazingly.

September Articles

I returned to my writing posts and bring you the results of some hard-written articles.