Category: Recaps

ENEMY NIGHT — A Gamecell Recap

We explored the question, “How does one love their enemies and what games equip you to deal with enemies in redemptive ways?”

What did I start writing at Indie Haven?

What happened since I transformed into an Indie Havener (Havenite?) a couple weeks ago?

What did we do on Sin Night?

Sin and Jesus might not sound like a fun topic, but our questions and games maybe made it more fun than (maybe) it should have been!

GAMECELL — VIP Access Night

Did you know that your importance to gives you special VIP Access to God and the things he’s doing in this world? That’s what our GameCell explored on Friday: VIP Access.

Relational Tension Night — GameCell Recap

Our crew explored the value of healthy relational tension and played four games that demonstrated that kind of good tension!

Quick Night: A Gamecell Recap

What does the Bible say about the word quick? Our GameCell finds out and plays some games with quick-action!

Failure Fun Night — A GameCell Recap

Grace is most apparent in failure, right? At least, that was my assumption going into Failure Fun Night. Our crew got together with four new guys to explore the idea of failure and how Jesus might want us to look at it. Great times!

Conscience Night — A GameCell Recap

In which our GameCell crew meets in my house to discuss God, life, games, and how you keep a clean conscience. Then we play some hilarious videogames.

Articles: Oh No! Stardust-Robots Murdered Citizens of Earth!

In which we recap contributions elsewhere: A review of Stardust Vanguards, a how-to guide for political cartoon videogames, and why you should try ghost-detective work.

Recap – Let’s Skyhook Game-Dev God Bodies!

In which we look at posts M. Joshua wrote on Plus 10 Damage about a couch brawler, the importance of game developer commentaries, and a review of Apotheon.