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Wanna Conquer Fear Like Jesus?

Let’s take a look at how you handle your fears and how Jesus dealt with his fears. Maybe we’ll meet in the middle?

Pitch Process: Banner Saga, Loving Gay Folk, Walking Dead, Sang Froid, and No John 3:16 Without Miraculous Healing

In which, I write about the too many things I want to write about in hopes that somebody is like, “Dude, that!”:

PainCell: The Problem of Pain (Or, Just Another Gamecell)

“Today in my sermon, I’d like to discuss suffering. Why do bad things happen to good people? How could God let this happen?”
-Rabbi Russel Stone, The Shivah. I didn’t expect Shivah: Kosher Edition to turn our GameCell guys into a bunch of whiners. “Aww man! I wanna find out what happens! Please can we keep playing?”

2013 In Review: Creations and Thank Yous

A lot of people helped me to make wonderful things this year. ¬†Writing mostly. Speaking on occasion. Designing and making videos throughout. Today I’d like to share some of the things I’m most proud of and take the op to thank everybody who helped make it all possible.

Heaven When You Die? Not According to the Bible

Last week, I preached that folks don’t go to heaven when they die. Somehow I didn’t get stoned to death. Probably because I told people not to accept what I say. Mostly, I just want people to crack their Bibles open and really think about this. And maybe challenge me on it.

Zach’s ‘Escape’ from Academia

I found Zach while floating through the internet sea on my makeshift raft. He was blogging about videogames and Jesus on his site Theology Gaming. I’ve come to find him to be a great friend. And while we certainly have different tastes, likes, and spiritual backgrounds, we do have one big thing in common: we’ve both been abducted by Jesus. We’ve also both become fascinated by God’s heart towards games. It seems to be where he’s called us. So, Zach is here to tell you a little bit of how that came to be. Take it away, Mr. Oliver!

…From Rejection

My Darkest Words: “I’ll never be loved by a woman because I’m so ****ed-up in the head.”

…From Despair

Three times in my life I have curled up in the fetal position and screamed with sobs. Once on the night my husband decided to leave. Once on a night when my mom was dying and my boyfriend was passed out drunk. Once two days before we knew my mom would die.

…From a Broken Heart

Tonight will mark 13 years since I lost my dad. I was just 14 years old when he took his life. And my heart was instantly shattered into a million pieces.

Saved You From What?

You will hearing from a wealth of contributors on this subject. To keep things focused, I directed things at a simple question: