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Articles: Telepath Cowboys Don’t Hate Miami

I wrote some things! Oh goodie. We’ve got some tasty little reviews and some reflections on how games relate to faith (big surprise from me, right?). All articles wrap around the themes of engaging with the moral underbellies of videogame places that test one’s convictions. Or give you opportunity to witness bad choices outside yourself? You decide.

Social Boss Fights in Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Subversive Mechanics

Boss battles are always violent, Right? Except when they aren’t. Meet Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s social boss battles.

Multi-layered Skills in Transistor – Subversive Mechanics

Skills don’t overlap in single-character games. Except Transistor.

Bonus XP for Mercy in Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution – Subversive Mechanics

Get within five feet of an enemy to find yourself in this moral quandary:

Loving Enemies in Valiant Hearts – Subversive Mechanics

As French grandpa, Emil, you find an enemy German soldier hanging from a rope as a result of a mine cart accident. What do you do?

The Teleporter Pad in The Marvellous Miss Take – Subversive Mechanics

Miss Take has no weapons. None. No offense of any kind. Just tools for evasion and distraction. My personal favorite is the teleporter pad.

No EXP For Kills in Deus Ex – Subversive Mechanics

You get experience points for killing enemies in role playing games. It’s a given. Except in the original Deus Ex.

Papers Please’s Sharpshootin’ – Subversive Mechanics

When you suddenly get a key and are told to only use it in emergency, you don’t expect it to be about…

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath’s Lure, Bind, and Bag – Subversive Mechanics

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath does subversive and nonlethal action better than almost any game I can think of. It focuses on capturing bounties alive – as they’re worth more than dead bodies. To do this, fire live critters from Stranger’s crossbow. Chippunks lure the enemy. Bolamites bind them up. And then you can bag them up […]