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Reference: Walk Into the Cave (Twine Game)

A little while back, I made a small devotional Twine game with the intent of it being adapted into VR. I called it, Walk Into the Cave. Alternatively, I also made a weirder Twine game called A Hard Night. Only try that if you like strange stuff.

I Love How Fables is Like the Old Testament

I just finished the fourth volume of Fables. People say it’s perhaps the best comics series of all time. They’re not exaggerating.

Articles: Crawling Gang Beasts Spin Through a Roundabout in This War of Mine

In which, we look back at a bunch of articles contributed about Crawl, Gang Beasts, Roundabout, and This War of Mine.

Encore Gamecell

In which, we played GameCell’s greatest hits and wonder why Jesus got angry before he raised his buddy from the dead


Looks like the game Thomas Was Alone suddenly had a dance party. Or maybe Sound Shapes just decided to simplify. Either way, 140 is a project designed by one of the blokes from Limbo. Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think.

Weekend: Time Travel, Elves, and Christmas Microbes

Tina and Wayne came over for lunch. Jess made raspberry habañero chicken with wheat mac ‘n cheese. We showed the Inscores around the house and Wayne surveilled the bathroom where we wanted to hang a cabinet off the wall. He planned to have all the necessary tools the following morning.

Weekend: Zombies, Christmas Parties, and Baby Jedis

Jess and I didn’t plan our evening effectively. But we made it into the theatre just as the opening credits were starting. The music made it feel more like a soap opera than any of the earlier pieces of the series. Then, the cast started opening their mouths. Hilarity ensued. Hulk Kristen Stewart raged, “YOU NICKNAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCK NESS MONSTER?!?” At that moment, I knew that Breaking Dawn Part 2 was going to be the very best Twilight movie yet.