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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Salvation

In which we look at the to know what I taught at my church this past Saturday on the topic of Salvation

“I Forgot About You – Because I Stopped Talking To You”

I wanna talk more. It’s hard. But it’s kind of a life-or-death thing.

Review Roundup: Borderland Tales in Wasteland 2 feel like This War of Mine

Jess liked Tales from the Borderlands’ first episode. A Borderlands game my wife likes might mean it’s a Borderlands my teenage friends dislike. But not necessarily. Maybe we’ll see how dudes feel about it at GameCell tonight?


This is a response to a Christian meme that showed up on Facebook. Zachery wrote about it in detail on Theology Gaming.

WHY WE LOVE Banner Saga – Empathy for Refugees

Just started a brand new overview video series about the redemptive qualities in videogames. Enjoy!

Videos: Doubt, Steam, and Hope?

Our GameCell asked a lot of brilliant questions last time we got together. But we didn’t have time to answer all of them. To preserve the value and integrity of the questions being asked, I took to video.

Let’s Play ‘This War of Mine’

This War of Mine is a game about the victims of war. Using survival-crafting mechanics, the game casts us into the care of three survivors. I’d like to share my play-through of the game with you.

Knight-Digging, Enemy-Loving, and Abyss-Diving

Hey Kids, wanna dig for treasure with a Knight? Love Enemies as a French Grandpa? Jump into pits filled with Chilean Sea Monsters? You’re in the right place.

Christian Dating (Third Revision)

I had this dating advice article that landed before Jess and I got married (over three years ago). Seems like a good time for a re-think now that we now have so many young single friends.

No Underestimating the Walking Dead and a Theology of Exploration

In which, contributions elsewhere point-out the value of oft-overlooked folk and remind us to have an explorative theology.