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Articles: Oh No! Stardust-Robots Murdered Citizens of Earth!

In which we recap contributions elsewhere: A review of Stardust Vanguards, a how-to guide for political cartoon videogames, and why you should try ghost-detective work.

What’s the Theology of E3? Is it Growing up? How Close Is That Transistor Sword?

In which, we finally look at some posts from early June despite it already being the middle of July.

(We is slow, we is fine, we is ‘portant.)

Mourning, Forgiveness, and Videogames

Just a quick roundup of stuff I wrote about mourning and forgiveness in videogames. One about Continue?9876543120. One about Metro: Last Light.

I’m Proud of This 2013 Best Games List

I played way too many games this year. I picked the ones that had the biggest impression on me over this year, while making fun of some of the ones I though were dumb. The other Theology Gaming guys provided some assistance in being half-serious.

Ten 2013 Games That Jesus Loves (And Why), a Crysis Vacation Guide, and TG News

I had the privilege of being a part of GameChurch’s annual list of games we think Jesus would love. I was responsible for write-ups on number seven (Shelter) and number ten (The Stanley Parable). Check it out.

Hacking Augmentation Clinics, Documenting Space Betrayal, and Developing Character with Zombies

Life’s been pretty normal lately. Here’s just a sampling of my everyday same old, same old.