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Gamecell Idea #61: Trashy Friend Night

Everybody has a story about a time a friend let them down. It’s easy to think of. Problem is, that we don’t often examine ourselves and the ways we can become better friends. Jesus knew what it was like to have trashy friends. My living room plumped-up as Greg, Jason, Zach, Hively, Carter, Vince, Garrett, […]

Become A Master! — A Gamecell Night

“Wait, you mean I can become like Jesus?” Hively asked. Vince responded, “You’re getting it!”

‘That Dragon, Cancer’ Pancake Party — A GameCell Recap

That Dragon Cancer just released today on Steam and Ouya. It’s easily the most profound game ever made about faith, suffering, love, and hope. And so I wanted to make sure the group of guys that meet in my house (called gamecell) would have a chance to play it.


Getting teenage boys to discuss repentance might be a terrible idea, but I figured “why not give it a go?”


GAMECELL explores games, life, and God. We meet every two weeks in my living room and basement. These recaps hope to spark your imagination. We love violence in video games, even if we hate it in real life. So I figured, why not use that as fuel for discussion with the GAMECELL crew? Let’s talk about […]

Sabbath Tuesday

God seems to line things up sometimes. This past weekend was like that. And today is like that. I’m taking today to rest, play Fallout 4, and reflect on what God’s done lately. Plus my Steam Hardware arrives. It’s a win-win-win-win. But before I rush headlong into Post-Boston, I feel compelled to share things that God (and awesome people) […]

GameCell: Exploring LGBTQ Issues and the Bible

“Anybody know what tonight’s about?” I asked. Dan said, “Yeah, LGBT stuff.” I confirmed, but I added that it was actually LGBTQ Night.

What did GameCell choose for Choice Night?

We asked, “What kind of choices do you make in real life?” and “What kind of choices do you make in games?”

Here’s what our GameCell did on Confusion Night

Most of our GameCell crew doesn’t follow Jesus, but I wanted to prep them when they do follow him and find themselves feeling super confused.

How Did GameCell Go Without Me? — Consequence Night

Vince and Tyler led gamecell without me, did amazingly.