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Weekend with the Folks: Ethiopian Coffee, Amish Auctions, and Spaceteam

Sunday morning, Vince preached on the Fruits of the Spirit and specifically that of Self Control. At one point, he illustrated what being out-of-control looked like. Nothing that he involuntarily knocked over had any permanent damage. After that and worship, something pretty fancy happened.

A Reminder To Dream Again

“You don’t pursue your dreams until you can’t do anything but go after them.”

This Weekend

A little reminder about two important musical events in Lancaster this weekend: Kimberliana and Welcome Wagon

Danielson at the Chameleon

Tomorrow night, join me at the Chameleon Club’s Lizard Lounge at 5:30 to enjoy Danielson (most likely the sans the pictured 9 Fruit Tree).

The Mint

The Mint

The Mint hasn’t always been one of my favorite bands.

Shortly before the drummer married one of my best friends, I started the annoying habit of telling all the band members how much I didn’t like their music. It was rude and socially inappropriate. And it happened frequently.