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Why We Love, Why We Hate, And Why Baby Badgers Are Important

Over at Substance TV, we started a new review format called, “Why We Love.” Review scores usually tell us whether a game is worth learning about. A high score tells you to check out the game. A low score tells you that the game doesn’t matter.

Going Home, Watching Jess Play, Picking the Summer’s Best, and Visiting Raystown Lake

I wrote about Gone Home. Jess squeals at Proteus. I made a list of the top five apps of the summer. And Jess, Luna, and I went to Raystown Lake.

Guess I’ve Been Busy?

I’ve got lots of new stuff popping-up all around the interwebs: from commentary on TV shows, to weird indie game first-person narratives, to interviews with game designers.

Elsewhere: E3 From Central PA

Unfortunately, Skype didn’t provide the best video quality, so I look rather janky. Still good convo and food for thought about E3, gamer entitlement, and how to wisely navigate our own geek excitement.

Elsewhere Roundup: Don’t Starve, Guacamelee, and Dyad

My focus on games is largely about trying to bring videogame-skeptics (especially in the church) up to speed on redemptive game stuff. Part of that is to validate the medium. And part of that is for my own growth as one who wants to be involved in game-making.

Elsewhere: Bioshock Infinite Review

I reviewed Bioshock Infinite over at Substance TV. I only cover the gameplay, so don’t worry about anything getting spoiled. Maybe one of these days, I’ll write-up a commentary on the way the game handles Christianity in its story. I loved the art and style of the game though, despite disliking most everything else.

Elsewhere Roundup: Miasmata, Friends, and Becoming a New Challenger

Here’s a roundup of stuff I’ve been writing on other sites. And a few of my friends’ posts that are really worth checking out.