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Review Roundup: Borderland Tales in Wasteland 2 feel like This War of Mine

Jess liked Tales from the Borderlands’ first episode. A Borderlands game my wife likes might mean it’s a Borderlands my teenage friends dislike. But not necessarily. Maybe we’ll see how dudes feel about it at GameCell tonight?

Articles: Crawling Gang Beasts Spin Through a Roundabout in This War of Mine

In which, we look back at a bunch of articles contributed about Crawl, Gang Beasts, Roundabout, and This War of Mine.

Let’s Play ‘This War of Mine’

This War of Mine is a game about the victims of war. Using survival-crafting mechanics, the game casts us into the care of three survivors. I’d like to share my play-through of the game with you.

GameCell Question Night

This time, all our serious questions came from the guys, not me. First, we broke the ice with “What games have affected you on a deep emotional level?