Your answer shows up on the stone. A second later, the stone sinks down below the pool floor, allowing you to pass.\n\n[[Walk through the passage and out of the pool|depth4]]
As you touch the stone, a question comes to you, as if from the stone: "What in you needs to die?"\n\n[[Speak your answer|depth3]]
The water consumes you. Yet you need not hold your breath as the water is like air. You open your eyes. The room seems brighter underwater. Before you sits a dull glowing stone that blocks your path.\n\n[[Touch the stone|depth2]]
The stones drop through the depths of the pit, fading from view. After a few seconds, you hear a hard THUD.\n\nTwo torches suddendly ignite in front of you. It draws your attention to two stone staircases that wrap around a center wall.\n\nSuddenly words form on the wall between the stairs: "When he rose, then you rose."\n\n[[Walk up the stairs|exitdepths]]
As you come out of the pool, you find yourself in a big room warmed with orange-flamed torches. In the center of the room you find a pit, with a fence around it. \n\nInside the pit, you see the word of the thing in you that needs to die. You also see the answers of those who went before you. \n\nThere's a huge chain descending into the pit, connected to a golden lever. \n\n[[Pull the lever|depth5]]
The only words on the page read: "Who are you, really?"\n\nOn the altar beside the book, three small bowls turn from stone to gold. \n\n[[Search the garden for things to put into the three bowls|rise2]]
You search the garden and find eight stones. Each has a word written on it. You can only hold three. \n\nSelect the first stone.\n\n[[Beloved|rise3]]\n[[Son|rise3]]\n[[Daughter|rise3]]\n[[Righteous|rise3]]\n[[Overcomer|rise3]]\n[[Emissary|rise3]]\n[[Reconciler|rise3]]\n[[Healer|rise3]]
Select the second stone.\n\n[[Beloved|rise4]]\n[[Son|rise4]]\n[[Daughter|rise4]]\n[[Righteous|rise4]]\n[[Overcomer|rise4]]\n[[Emissary|rise4]]\n[[Reconciler|rise4]]\n[[Healer|rise4]]
Select the third stone.\n\n[[Beloved|rise5]]\n[[Son|rise5]]\n[[Daughter|rise5]]\n[[Righteous|rise5]]\n[[Overcomer|rise5]]\n[[Emissary|rise5]]\n[[Reconciler|rise5]]\n[[Healer|rise5]]
You place your three stones on the altar (out of Beloved, Son, Daughter, Righteous, Overcomer, Emissary, Reconciler, Healer).\n\nThe three that you selected show up on a large stone gate behind the altar. \n\nSuddenly words come to you, "Do you feel like this is true about you? Why or why not?"\n\n[[Speak your answer|rise6]]
Suddenly the gate with your words on it opens. The sunlight beams in. It's only obscured by a golden stand with a book on top of it. \n\nIn the book, you see your answer that you spoke aloud. \n\nSoon you notice other books on the ground around you. Inside are the answers of those that came before you. \n\nIf you're the first person here, you discover that the answers are from those who designed the experience. \n\nBehind all of the books, you find a solitary rock that looks like it's on fire. \n\n[[Walk up to the rock on fire|rockfire]]
You climb the staircase. You reach the top and step into a garden just as the sun starts to rise. \n\nIn the center, sits a stone altar with an open book.\n\n[[Read the open page|rise1]]
You discover a natural stone staircase that winds downward into a dark cold section of the cave. Suddenly it opens to a long wide passage illuminated by blue flame torches. \n\nAs you walk into the room, words form on the left wall: "When he died, then you died."\n\nThe passageway narrows into a tight path and descends into a pool of water.\n\n[[Walk into the water|depth1]]
You draw near to the rock. It floods your vision with bright light. \n\nThis song starts to play: <a href="">Bright Star</a>\n\nThese words come to you: "Thank you for participating in this sacred space experiment. May the Light of God's Bright Star capture your imagination as you go throughout your day.\n\nFeel welcome to join us in new sacred space experiments as they become available. Thanks again."
M. Joshua Cauller
All around you is darkness: the rocks of the shore and the dark of night. It's quiet. A cave sits before you, basking in a warm glow. \n\n[[Walk into the cave. |cave1]]
Inside the cave you find a low-burning fire. It covers the room with its amber glow. \n\nJust behind the fire, you find a large golden bowl full a of dark material.\n\n[[Grab some of the material (incense?) and throw it into the fire|cave2]]\n[[Ignore the bowl and fire and venture deeper|exitcave]]\n
The fire flares to make the room bright. On the cave wall, scrawled in dark lettering, you see the words, "Let my prayer be like incense offered before you, and my uplifted hands like the evening sacrifice."\n\nThe fire radiates, inviting you to draw near.\n\n[[Warm yourself by the fire (draw near)|cave3]]\n[[Explore the cave for another exit|exitcave]]
As you come close to the fire, a question comes to you, as if from the fire itself: "Do you believe God hears your prayers?"\n\n[[Speak your answer|cave4]]
Your answer shows up on the wall adjacent to the one with the words about prayer and incense. \n\nA second question comes to you: "What was the last thing you prayed for — that you really wanted?"\n\n[[Speak your answer|cave5]]
A final question comes. \n\n"What was the result of that prayer? Has it been answered?"\n\n[[Speak your answer|cave6]]
The words you speak show up on the wall of the cave below your first answer. \n\nA few seconds later, you see the responses of those who came before you. Answers range from "God answered my prayers magnificently," to, "I am still waiting. Desperately."\n\nSuddenly, towards the back of the cave, you see a torch flare up. It reveals a section of the cave you have not yet explored. \n\n[[Explore the depths of the cave|exitcave]]