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My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me What Should I Do

My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me What Should I Do

What do you do when a man ignores you? Isn’t that just the most frustrating thing in the world? Well, watch until the end of this video because you’re going to discover what it means when a man ignores you and what to do inside instead. Hello, Sassy Beauties. My name is Katie, and I help smart, attractive, successful women attract and keep high quality men.

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What does it mean when a man ignores you? There are three primary reasons a man ignores a woman, and it has to do with the context surrounding this. So first reason is he needs space to think. This frequently happens after you’ve disagreed with a man.

Let’s say you’ve brought up a problem. You’re not happy with something, you’re arguing with him about, something. You may have said something to offend him, or maybe you’ve just presented a problem in your relationship. A lot of men will go away and have some alone time, have some space from you to think. And what they’re doing is he’s trying to come up with a solution in his brain to solve the problem.

That’s because most men are problem solvers. They don’t like to sit around and talk about their problems the way women do. A lot of times us women will go into a conversation to talk about the problem and reach some sort of conclusion through talking about it. Men are not that way. Men prefer to think about a problem, come up with a solution, and then talk about it.

So it’s very useful to know that if a guy has pulled away, he’s distant. If the problem is quite big in scope, it’s quite a big problem, then he may be distant for up to a week, a couple of weeks, maybe even a month because he’s trying to come up with a solution. And if it’s a really big problem, he may not be able to come up with a solution. It’s scary when a man’s thinking because he’s usually not communicating a lot when he’s thinking. So that’s what that means.

It means he’s trying to come up with something, come up with a solution. The second reason is it is easier for him to not respond. So maybe you sent him several messages. Perhaps you’re being a touch too needy and demanding. Maybe you’ve asked him a challenging question, a confrontational question.

Maybe you’ve sent him a bunch of text messages or statements that didn’t require an answer, and the answer or the response is more implied rather than asked for. Perhaps you have just sent him a long message, but the message is a little unclear. What you were trying to say it’s a little bit.

Do you mean you want to break up with him, or are you attempting to get even with him?
Sometimes we send these muddled messages, and it’s not always clear what we’re trying to express.
If you’re sending a message like that and you read it over and even to you, it sounds a little confusing. Or maybe if you’re not sure, ask a friend to read it and she or he may be able to tell you if it’s kind of confusing, then that may be why he is not responding, because if it’s something that’s challenging and he doesn’t know how to interpret this or he doesn’t know really how to respond, he’s going to delay responding.

He’ll probably be like, okay, I’m going to play video games instead of trying to answer this text message because it’s easier to play video games, right?

So that’s something to think about. He may need to take more time to form a proper answer, especially if he likes you. If he likes you, then he’s going to be careful with his response. The last reason he may be ignoring you or not responding is a lot of men will pull away after having sex or after being close to a woman. So if he is doing that, let’s say he’s pulled away after you’ve had sex and he’s not responding.

My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me What Should I Do

He’s ignoring you. That tend to happen. And that gives you a really good indicator of whether he was just only after sex with you or he wants a relationship. So the length of time he waits before he sends a message after sex is telling. Let me talk about what you should do when you ignore a man.

You’re not going to text him, call him, or even think about him. That last one is tricky. Okay. I know a lot of you girls have no problems not messaging, not calling, but not thinking. It’s a little trickier.

So I’m going to give you some tips. The more we think about someone, the more we can either talk ourselves into a frenzy, right? And into being freaking out or coming up with our conclusions about what’s going on, and that can make the situation worse. You could through thinking yourself into a frenzy, end up sending more messages, messages that could screw up your chances with him. He is ignoring you if he isn’t chatting to you.

You don’t want to irritate him any further. The thinking part has to stop. And my tip for how to stop thinking about him is first to not expect him to respond for a good seven days. If you know he’s going to respond by tomorrow, just have it in your mind. He’s not going to respond for seven days anyway, just do it.

And then at that point, you’re going to turn your mind to something else. Okay? I’m going to be productive for seven days. Let’s imagine I’m going on holidays from this guy. I’m not going to think about him for seven days I’m going to put all my attention onto something else that could be work.

That could be a project, a personal project. You have always wanted to do something that you could get lost in. Put your phone away. You’re not expecting a message from him. You don’t care if he messages you because you’re going to fully get into this thing.

This task. Use that time to be productive. Instead of sitting there thinking up the worst case scenarios, driving yourself insane and probably saying something that you will regret. Now let me know, ladies, what was the longest time frame you have gone where you have ignored a guy? What’s the longest time you have ignored a guy for?

Let me know that in the comments below. If he just wanted sex and you want a relationship, feel free, ladies, to ignore him indefinitely, you will know if a guy just wants sex because directly after he has sex with you,
He either doesn’t message you for a couple of days after, which is always a sign. Now he was just after the sex. After all, he doesn’t want a relationship or he does message you, but it’s just about the sex. It’s all about how incredible the sex was.

And that was it, Then, you know, that was the only thing he wanted. That’s all he’s thinking about. That’s all he wants. Next time, if you are in a relationship and he comes back from pulling away, comes back from being a bit distant, do not ignore him, okay?

Don’t play that game. Don’t play that. You’re going to ignore me. I’m going to ignore you back. Okay?

Don’t do that. That is very mature, very childish. And that is not how two adults have a proper relationship together. So when he comes back, ideally, you want to be open to him and listen to him. You asked him a question, an issue, or something, and now you want to hear his response.

And if he came up with something you didn’t like, then it’s negotiation time. It’s time to now communicate what you think, what you want, how you feel, and then you pass the ball to him, ask him how he thinks, what It’s going back and forth, back and forth, explaining what you both want and trying to conclude. Don’t just ignore the issue, right? If it comes back, pretends like nothing’s wrong. Do not ignore it.

Go back to the thing. The initial problem that you were talking about. Don’t just let it kind of like die because you brought it up for a reason. So play that scenario out to the end. If you were dating and you’re the one acting needy, acting bit too clean or desperate, you may want to explain to him why it’s not okay for him to just suddenly disappear and ignore you.


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