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Welcome To Relationship Growth Online

Welcome To Relationship Growth Online

Welcome to Relationship Growth Online – Have you ever heard, “You spend more time on the Web than you do with me!” If this sounds familiar, you can now tell your partner that you have found a great place on the Web to improve your relationship.

Welcome-To-Relationship-Growth-Online – If you want to know what to do now that you’ve decided to take the plunge, don’t hesitate. Here are some tips on how to make the transition from being single to being in a committed romantic relationship.


Welcome-To-Relationship-Growth-Online – You’ve found the perfect relationship. Now what do you do? You want to look like a pro at creating happy relationships, or else you’ll regret it the rest of your life, right? This article will help you avoid common mistakes and learn how to create happy

You’ll find this site of interest if you: Have a pretty good relationship with your partner but there are things s/he do that just drives you crazy. Are tired of reading about instant recipes for success, but are still looking for the best ways to improve your relationship. Know that with the right tools you could improve your relationship.


Of course, you may be the perfect partner who is not in need of improvement, but maybe your mate needs lots of help! Whatever the case may be, Relationship Growth Online provides a place where you can utilize assessment tools in the privacy of your home as well as share ideas with others toward improving the quality of your romantic relationship.

We wish you the best and sincerely hope that Relationship Growth Online is of benefit toward improving your romantic relationship.

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Welcome To Relationship Growth Online

Relationship Growth Online Related Some Interesting Questions and Answers

Q: How do I deal with a stonewaller? How do I convince him that it is detrimental to our marriage and that he needs to stop?

A: Stonewalling occurs when a person is afraid of listening and unable to respond. It is essentially a defense mechanism. I assume you are trying to get through to your husband on a particular issue but feel you’re not succeeding. 

My suggestion is that you try a different tack. Instead of telling him what’s wrong, try asking how he feels, tell him you’re ready to listen and then give him a little room to come forward. The main thing NOT to do is try to break down his wall as he will simply build a higher one. 

When we feel strongly about something, we get very frustrated if the other person won’t acknowledge what we’re saying and the importance of the perceived problem. But good communication is the very cornerstone of a healthy relationship and I urge you to do what you can to break the stalemate. 

Walls are a negative response but there’s probably a good reason behind our husband’s defenses, not necessarily to do with you. Telling him he ‘needs to stop’ won’t work. He has to choose to come out from behind his fortress and he won’t want to if he feels he will get criticism or anger. Try my suggestions and write again with more information if you need further help.

Q: I met this guy online in a chat room. We have been talking to each other for 6 months. We are 8 years apart, and he lives half way across the country from me. He wants to meet me as soon as I graduate. What should I do?                                                         

A: Trust your instincts when the time comes. I don’t see any real impediment in the details you offer whether he’s older or you are. Age in itself is not a barrier. It very much depends on the individuals. As to geographical distance, that’s not an insurmountable problem either.

 I’m sure you’ve noticed the world is getting smaller and smaller! So many people talk themselves out of potentially good things by running too far into the future and focusing on all the possible problems. A wise rule to follow is to take one step at a time. 

Keep writing, meet this guy if it feels right and most importantly, don’t have any set expectations – either way. You may have a friend for life or he might end up being the man of your dreams. Either way, you’ll be fine.                             

Q:  My boyfriend of two years broke up with me because he wanted space. After a while I began to date someone new. This new person and I had sex three times. After we broke up, my other ex-boyfriend and I began to talk again and try to work things out. 

I never told him that I had had sex with another man. In fact, I lied to him about it. Well, he found out that I lied and now he says the only way he’ll take me back is if I can make it up to him. He says I have to think of a way to make this up to him. I have no idea what to do for him because I know his trust in me is forever broken. What could I possibly do to make that up to him?

A: You already know you were wrong to lie so I won’t say anymore about that. I don’t mean necessarily morally wrong as that’s for you to decide; I mean in terms of your relationship. That was a fatal mistake. After all, you weren’t together at the time so you had no obligation of fidelity so you didn’t need to feel guilty. 

Anyway, as to the present, I don’t see what your boyfriend thinks is going to make up for the dishonesty. All you can really offer is a sincere apology and a promise to not repeat the mistake for that’s what it was – a genuine mistake. 

Trust cannot be just given back, it has to be re-earned. This might take some time and if that’s what your guy means, that’s fine. But what I’m afraid of is that he intends to hold this ‘crime’ over you for the rest of your lives together, in which case neither of you will get any peace or comfort in the relationship. 

I think you’ll need to speak to him very frankly about this situation and ask him directly what he wants. If you can’t commit to the terms, you would be better to move on as this could turn into a giant power trip for revenge which isn’t the basis for a loving and solid future.  

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Relationship Growth Online – You’ve found the perfect relationship. Now what do you do? You want to look like a pro at creating happy relationships

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