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What Are Things About Wife That Hurts A Husband

What Are Things About Wife That Hurts A Husband

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1) Intro – About What Are Things About Wife That Hurts A Husband – If you’re going to cheat on your wife or girlfriend, why not cheat on her or her with a stranger? In the same way you look at things from your wife’s point of view, you should also look at things from your partner’s point of view. After all, that’s how good you are at being a great husband or girlfriend. (why girls get wide waist after marriage)

My wife and I have been married for sixteen years, but we have an incredibly complicated relationship. We have a lot of issues, but one of the biggest is that what wife really needs from a husband is a good partner. She wants a man who will put up with her shortcomings and problems, but she also wants a man who can handle his responsibilities as a husband.

The problem with most marriages is that it is often overshadowed by the emotions of the relationship. Once the relationship begins to show signs of strain, it can become difficult to carry on with your marriage without either side seeing something wrong.

If you are in a marriage that has become unhappy, it may be important to take a look at what are things about wife that hurts a husband. These are some of the things that spouses find about wife that tend to hurt their relationship, and are factors that they are most likely to work on. Full details explained in this article about What Are Things About Wife That Hurts A Husband.

The following things of the wife hurt the husband – (his secret obsession book)

1. Not respecting the feelings of the husband.
2. Unfaithful and cheating on husband.
3. Considering the husband weak at every opportunity and taunting him in the matter of money.

4. Not respecting the parents of the husband and not following the wishes of the husband.
5. Spending more than the income of the husband.
6. Keep secrets in front of husband and do not tell the truth.

7. The last but strongest point is to love someone other than the husband.
8. Wife’s saying that ‘Do you know how I run the house by killing my desires’. This hurts the heart of the husband because he thinks that he is not able to give happiness to his wife.

9. What did your parents give us when we separated? While the rest of your siblings are fiercely eating parents’ money.

10. I will not serve your parents. If you want to do it, go ahead and do it.

11. You are robbing your sister’s house.
12. You are not able to satisfy me these days. Has there been any weakness?

13. This Rakshabandhan we will go to our maternal home, every time you get rakhi tied to your sister.
14. Don’t say anything to my family members, they are a million times better than your family members.

15. Why don’t you pay attention to the children, or it is only my responsibility to raise them.
16. When have you understood me and my feelings till today? You dance at the behest of your mother.

17. Had a very good relationship. But hi the broken luck that brought me with you.
18. Asking the husband to explain everything whether he himself gives an explanation to the husband or not.

19. Doubting the husband all the time, and always looking at him with suspicion.
20. To put more restrictions on the husband.

21. Not to behave lovingly with the husband nor to give or refuse consent to cohabitation.
22. Even after coming tired of the husband, do not talk to him with love nor take care.

23. Always be unhappy with the family members of the husband or keep doing evil to the family.
24. Always taunt on the financial weakness of the husband or always give importance to money more than the husband.

25. Give importance to your family members more than husband and husband’s family and keep talking on mobile even during personal time.
26. Sharing intimate things between husband and wife with best friends.

27. Spending unnecessarily and not taking care of family and children.
28. Doing any work against the will of the husband or always running one’s own will.
29. Do not stand by your husband’s happiness and sorrow.
30. Indifference of wife towards husband.

31. Instead of increasing the confidence of the husband, it decreases his confidence.
32. Showing distrust in the husband again and again.
33. Interrupting the husband to talk.
34. Contempt of husband’s words.
35. Do not keep love and affection for the husband.

36. Ignoring the sufferings of the husband by the wife.
37. Misbehaviour towards husband’s family.
38. Not understanding the feelings of the husband.
39. Not adapting the wife according to the circumstances of the house.
40. To get the wife’s unfulfilled demands to be fulfilled.
41. Wife’s self-indulgence.

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