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What Should You Say To Your Lover if He Is Not Paying Attention To You

What Should You Say To Your Lover if He Is Not Paying Attention To You

What should you say to your lover if he isn’t paying attention to you – Recently I was talking to my partner and he got very frustrated by me showing him my phone. He kept telling me to avoid these types of conversations and tell him to get back into his head.
If your boyfriend, husband, boyfriend’s male partner, or your long-time partner is getting frustrated by you and no longer wanting to talk to you then the first thing you should do is say something.

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You should say the following:
This will only irritate him more. He’s either away from you and could be trying his hardest not to talk or be preoccupied with something other than you.
Even though he’s getting frustrated with you, he’s still there. He’s still listening to you, just not paying attention. You also have to remember that it’s not bad if he doesn’t pay as much attention to you as he does to his other partners.
Because your lover’s focusing on you, you’re going to have to go and talk to him. You don’t want to have a conversation with your lover and he’s not interested in talking to you. That’s why you need to understand what the problem is.
This is a common issue in relationships. He’s ignoring your presence and you want him to pay attention to you.
If your heart is pounding, you need to tell him, “Hey, I’m very happy with what we’re doing here in the kitchen. I also am gonna continue cooking for you. I don’t have my phone on me, but you will hear me out before you check my texts. I’m getting more frustrated with you not getting in your head.”
Whatever you say to him, tell him to catch his attention by doing something like:
“Hey there. Let me break this down for you. Could you please come to my room and let me tell you how my day went? My day started slowly and then I got very frustrated by you having your phone away, but now I’m making sure I catch your attention so I can finish.”
When you were still disappointed in him, you waited until he got out of the room and pulled him over.
Then after he was done getting ready, he got back into his head and that took the attention of his phone away.
When your other lover enters his mind, he might pay more attention to you than his other girlfriend.
You have to be true to yourself.
If you tell your partner’s partner or boyfriend how much you’re up for it and he wasn’t wanting to get up, he’s ignoring you. But if your other lover comes into his mind and wants to spend more time with you, your other lover will likely pay more attention to you.


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