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Why Would Your Boyfriend Ignore You And Why Did Your Boyfriend Ignore You

Why Would Your Boyfriend Ignore You And Why Did Your Boyfriend Ignore You

Some Important Points About – Why Would Your Boyfriend Ignore You And Why Did Your Boyfriend Ignore You

  1. You’re upset with your boyfriend.
  2. You’re going through a tough time with your boyfriend and it hurts you. You want to call him and tell him he should be ashamed of himself but, because that wouldn’t feel good, you choose to ignore him.
  3. As you ignore him, he gets agitated and complains about you being upset with him which makes you believe you’re being selfish.
    Don’t do that.
  4. But why did your boyfriend ignore you?
  5. Does it make sense that a man who makes a fortune wouldn’t even notice how he embarrasses you regularly?
  6. I bet he thinks that you’re selfish.
  7. Did your boyfriend hate him because he doesn’t pay as much attention to you?
  8. Did your boyfriend always think of you as a friend and never really meet his friends?
  9. Did your boyfriend treat him like you were nothing?

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  1. To answer that last question, YES. I would also bet you’d say Yes.
  2. In my experience, none of those reasons are good enough.
  3. Here are some theories as to why guys have trouble writing in your journal and why guys ignore girls.
  4. You need someone to write your journal for you.
  5. You’re short of time on Earth.
  6. You’re being too sensitive.
  7. You’re miserable.
  8. You’re attracted to scruffy, sad, boy bands.
  9. These are all valid reasons why guys do this but I can find something more interesting.
  10. You’re guarded.
  11. I’m saying this because I know you. You’re a secret shy person and, yes, in fact, many people assume it’s your idea, and what that means is that you’re shy and extremely private.
  12. If we were all that generous and open it wouldn’t be a controversial idea.
  13. Now, imagine that’s all you were an average-sized manspreading.
  14. You’re all-too-secretive because you have very low self-esteem. If you were that public there would be way too many stories going around that things happen behind your back.
  15. If everyone knew your problems, they might leave you out of your life.
  16. So, you write in your journal to tell yourself not to be so cautious.
  17. And of course, on that note, I say, maybe that’s exactly why the guy you’re with doesn’t like you, he thinks you’re too insecure to write about yourself.
  18. You find yourself better writing for yourself
  19. I’m not sure about you, but writing about yourself in your journal is the only time I’ve ever done it.
  20. I don’t know why it’s so hard. It’s weird to not write about yourself in your diary but I think writing your journal helps you re-sort your head on how you feel about yourself at the moment.
  21. I write in my journal about the things I feel bad about myself for, like “man-bait” and “chin.”
  22. I’m sure there’s a way for you to become better in that department.
  23. I don’t know why, but if you find yourself writing in your journal, I bet you’re on the right track.
  24. You’re a mood quitter
  25. One good reason for guys to not write in their journal is that it is going to make you sad. Writing a journal is always going to be a nice time saver for girls as they write down what’s wrong with their day or annoyingly
  26. unpleasant events that were once good memories.
  27. When you write down the bad things in your journal, the bad things will end up being in that journal and it then becomes a negative thought.
  28. A negative thought feels better than a happy thought at the moment.
  29. Maybe your boyfriend is looking for a mood changer.


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