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Why Would Your Husband Ignore You And Why Your Husband Ignores You

Why Would Your Husband Ignore You And Why Your Husband Ignores You –

1)What do you do?

You have a long-term habit of saying you are fat because it gives you more time to go on a diet.
Are you acting this way because it gives you more confidence to go through a series of diets, exercises, pills, supplements, and other dietary advice?
Remember the old penny wise and pound foolish joke?
Which is your money wise and which is your time-wise?

2)Do you care?

Because you never care too much for anything.
Because your husband is a very unsatisfied man, you automatically assume he doesn’t care about things and doesn’t show much interest in you when he does come around to hang out.
If he truly cared about you, he would let you know.

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3)Do you desire attention?

Because you don’t like the attention.
Because you don’t want anyone to stop talking to you.
Because he doesn’t make you feel good enough and never sends you a message telling you that you’re special, you don’t have to feel good about yourself.
To you, he might not be the guy that makes you feel special, self-respecting, and complete, but you don’t think you deserve him, you can’t help it.
Which one are you thinking of?

4)Do you have an inferiority complex?

Because you think if your husband is happy enough with you then others in the other people’s lives aren’t good enough either.
Do you think the others are hanging out with or sleeping with their husbands because they want to manipulate you or want you out of the picture?
The other people are just with them because they have a secret.
Those men know something you don’t.

5)Where’s your drive?

Because you don’t have a purpose.
You don’t require anything or anyone.
Because you’re not motivated.
Because you are not love tested.
Because you think you are living in a world where women have a pretty much lot more power than men.

6)Do you need them to?

Because they aren’t your job mate.
Because they aren’t your workmate.
Because you don’t need them there.
Because you don’t need them to have them.

7)Do you ever take no for an answer?
Because you think you have a world-class option.
Because you don’t want to have to work for any of these men because they aren’t giving you anywhere near the I respect you.
Your job at work is as long as you have money.
Your job is to have sex with them.

8)Do you know who they are?

Because no one does.

9)Do you expect more?

Because you can’t be disappointed.
Because they are busy
Because they don’t care about anything.
Because you are lazy.

10)Are you concerned about any external opinion?
Because you think your husband is a bad guy or bad for her.
Although you have two children who are not your spouse, you don’t care if they ever fuck them.
You don’t care if they’re happy.
You don’t even know what kind of pain you’re giving them.

11)What’s your biggest complaint?

Because you don’t like how they show interest in you.
Because you think they’re being unprofessional.

12)Are you focused on anything?

Because you don’t want them to make any of the changes you want to be made.

13)Does your husband want you in their life?

Because, at the very least, he’s curious.
Whether he likes you or not.

14)Do you know who they are?

Because there is only one man who cares that you don’t like.

15)Which one do you think would have an issue with this?

Because you don’t care if you’re in my life.

16)Why didn’t you pick a different name?

Because it would make you get upset at them, it would show that you have a problem with him.

17)Do you enjoy being around him? Because he is your husband.

18)Do you want to be in your marriage?

Because you want your marriage to be successful.

19)Does your husband love you? Because he says he loves you.

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