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Take a Dip in the Singing Well

Since our last conversation, Aaron has paired up with fellow Worship Circler, Karla Adolphe to create an array of worshippy Americana tracks for our hearts to savor. Together, they are The Emporiums and they just released their first album, The Singing Well.

Elephants, Birds and Buffalos: Aaron Strumpel Part 2

“As we were making it, each track seemed to be a character, having a personality of it’s own.” All of the parts combined make up proverbial herd of Elephants.

Worship Circles & Aaron Strumpel’s Nomadic Pilgrimage

Love Subverts recently spent some time with Aaron Strumpel. He sticks out like a beautiful sore thumb. Playing weird worship music isn’t exactly the expected career path for most musicians

Aaron Strumpel’s Poinsettia Surprise

Aaron Strumpel loves you. This dude is chock full of love and joy. The result of a dirty-hippy-loving interview with Aaron will soon be published here on Love Subverts. Since I spoke with him just a short while ago, he spontaneously made an entire Christmas album! He’s giving a few songs away for free. But if you […]

Aaron Strumpel music for free?

I’m gonna have to merely whet your appetite with a Strumpel appetizer. He’s offering a 3-song EP of traditional Christmas hymns is free on Bandcamp.