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GameCell: Exploring LGBTQ Issues and the Bible

“Anybody know what tonight’s about?” I asked. Dan said, “Yeah, LGBT stuff.” I confirmed, but I added that it was actually LGBTQ Night.

Filter Night: An Autonomous GameCell

In which our GameCell gets together to discuss how to filter and discern media. Then we played some rad videogames (that the crew helped me review).

Elsewhere Roundup: Podcasts, Game Lists, and Sermons (Oh my!)

Theology Gaming Podcasts, preaching at my church, and 5 mobile videogames that are worth playing; all in one convenient place for you.

Question The Bible?

Is it time to question the Bible? Have you ever really listened to people question the Bible? “Do you really believe that he fed 5,000? Do you honestly believe Mary was a virgin? How do you know Jesus really rose from the dead?” Are these questions that, when asked, really beckon for an answer? “How can we know that the accounts of the Bible are actually true? Did you know that the Bible says to kill people who have sex outside of marriage? How could a loving God exist if there’s eternal punishment for finite sins? What kind of God would order his people to commit mass-genocide like in the book of Joshua?”

Weekend: Banana Bread, Bible Jeopardy, and Argonauts

Vince co-hosted with Alex as they asked questions that split down the middle between pop culture and Bible trivia. I volunteered to be one of the contestants. I correctly guessed things like the starting year of Metallica, the primary characters in Family Guy, and who said what in what book of the Bible. By the final round, I was well ahead of Elise and Isaiah with a score of $6600, $4400, and $2800 respectively.

What Are Your Spiritual Self-Expectations?

This past Sunday, I was asked to provide the message for our Church family. The results were… different. I asked everybody to anonymously share the struggles in their relationship with God. For some, it was questions about God’s existence. For others, it was more of a struggle with concepts in the Bible. And for others, it was just real conflicts in prayer life.

10 Prayer Hindrances

We get to spend time with the author of the universe. We can talk to him. And hear from him. So why don’t we? And why does it seem like a lot of our prayers go unheard? Here’s ten reasons that my pastor brought up this Sunday:

The Mystery of the Super-christians

Mindy tried to justify our whole classes’ moral failure: “Hey everybody cheated. I mean, even freaking Becca Lapp cheated.” We were all shocked that Becca cheated. I mean, she was a super-christian.

Ezra Arrives & Crap Goes Down

Welcome to the conclusion of the story of Ezra. The king loved Ezra Ezra was a bible nerd and a Levitical priest. He loved the bible. And the king loved him. There was one problem. He was in Babylon, not Jerusalem. So he asked the king to let him go back to Jerusalem and take […]

Bible-Bombed By Stryper

Despite Stryper’s status as a big joke, the humor is lost on true fans. Stryper literally threw the Gospel at people. And it was glorious.