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Videos: Learning Heroes of the Storm

M. Joshua tries Heroes of the Storm and sucks horribly. Fun for all ages!

I Made a Video!

Jessica and I have been working on this video for the past month and a half or so, encapsulating kids and volunteers’ stories into a meaningful little nine-minute video. It’ll tell you all about our ministry, 18 South, which Jessica directs. Plus, it’ll tell you all about what God is doing in the midst of that.

Elsewhere: Knytt Underground – The Simultaneous Walk of the Faithful and Faithless

I was tempted to simply say that this game was the Skyrim of Metroidvanias. Good thing I have editors that talked me into writing about something much more interesting than that. Walking with the faithless as a person of faith? Much more relevant to the world.

Weekend: Crepes, Burning Things, and a New Blog?

Friday night: Hairs cut. Picked up Alex to hang out. He brought his volunteer application for 18 South so I could help him. He didn’t know what to share for his salvation experience. So we talked a lot about that and him walking into the next stage of relationship with God. I emphasized how important it is to simply talk to God and inviting Him into all things – even videogames and things that we don’t let him into. Oh! And Alex and I got to pray together as a natural progression of our conversation. It may have made this my favorite of our hangouts yet.

Glad Crab + Bingo = <3

Saturday night, I took Jess to a local dive bar called The Glad Crab. There was a band that was setting up to play. They were in their late 40s or early 50s and they very much liked AC/DC and familiar music. We got a crab pretzel and the super seafood platter – which included several different treatments to shrimp, with fried oysters and the like. Unrelatedly, we decided the next day to start eating a vegan diet.

Elsewhere: Incubating Discipline in Antichamber

I was seriously looking forward to Antichamber. I thought it would mess with my mind in fun and exciting ways and pop me out on the other side with a big smile. Instead, it made me a more disciplined person. But I still gave it a high score. Check out the full review on Gamechurch.

Elsewhere: Out of Nothing – The Trouble with Playing as Creator (and more)

Over at Gamechurch, Creation Week is happening. To kick it off, I shared some musings from playing the HD-remake of one of my favorite games of all time, Okami. I realized that even with some of the Shinto polytheism going on, it is about as close as we could possibly get to playing a game like Aslan. Then the inevitable question arrives: is this some of the best we can do to play Creator?

Elsewhere: Perspective and the Awkward Mirror

I think Perspective is the next Portal. It was made by a team straight out of Digipen, just as the team that made Narbacular Drop (which became the core tech and design behind Portal). It’s one of the best games I’ve played on PC lately. And it’s free. The game takes us deep into a rabbit hole and functions something like a mirror.

Hotline Miami and the Holy Spirit

So I had to wonder: how do I play a game like this while being filled with the Holy Spirit? Short answer? I think it’s possible. I can and should be playing it that way, but I haven’t been.

Elsewhere: Can You Play Jesus in Dishonored?

A couple months ago, I asked the same question about Mass Effect as a whole. But Mass effect didn’t honor player choice and alternate play-styles half as much as Dishonored does. I answer the question of whether or not it’s possible (and to what degree).