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GameCell BroForce Christmas

It was the week before Christmas, and all through the house, young men were stirring for a controller or mouse.

The Humblest King

Long ago, a kingdom fell into disrepair. The people hated the King and just knew he was a wicked and loveless man. But truth be told, he was wasn’t. In fact, he was humblest and most loving king there ever was.

Weekend: Time Travel, Elves, and Christmas Microbes

Tina and Wayne came over for lunch. Jess made raspberry habañero chicken with wheat mac ‘n cheese. We showed the Inscores around the house and Wayne surveilled the bathroom where we wanted to hang a cabinet off the wall. He planned to have all the necessary tools the following morning.

Weekend: Zombies, Christmas Parties, and Baby Jedis

Jess and I didn’t plan our evening effectively. But we made it into the theatre just as the opening credits were starting. The music made it feel more like a soap opera than any of the earlier pieces of the series. Then, the cast started opening their mouths. Hilarity ensued. Hulk Kristen Stewart raged, “YOU NICKNAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCK NESS MONSTER?!?” At that moment, I knew that Breaking Dawn Part 2 was going to be the very best Twilight movie yet.

Sufjan’s Back With Silver and Gold

Sufjan Stevens ended his two-year hiatus from musical releases today. And oh man is it a doozie. Silver and Gold is a mammoth of a Christmas complilation, covering five disks and fifty-eight songs. Please forgive me for not yet listening to all of them.

Aaron Strumpel’s Poinsettia Surprise

Aaron Strumpel loves you. This dude is chock full of love and joy. The result of a dirty-hippy-loving interview with Aaron will soon be published here on Love Subverts. Since I spoke with him just a short while ago, he spontaneously made an entire Christmas album! He’s giving a few songs away for free. But if you […]

We Wish You a Sounds Familyre Christmas

Sounds Familyre Records is the pretty girl in seventh grade that I wanted to ask to the school dance. She might be goofy and have glasses four times too big, but I don’t care. I like her. Free Christmas Music She’s releasing her third free Christmas album. Two new songs are released every day until […]

The Pig & Xmas

The Pig of God There was once a community that didn’t value lambs. They thought lambs were disgusting and dirty. But pigs were pretty awesome. One day, Christian missionaries showed up on the scene. They told the Gospel story, but they changed the context a little so the people of the local community would understand […]

Flesh and Blood

John 1:14 says: “The Word (who was God) became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” “What if God Was One of Us?” To Joan Osborne (famous for the 1995 song of this title), this question seemed highly rhetorical and far from reach. In her experience, it was almost as if God never was […]