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RETRO NIGHT (old school Nintendo games): Daniel, Seth 1, Brylan, Seth 2, John, Alex Carter, Brandon, Greg, and Yoshi flooded my living room with Vince and Wayne while I was out in Ohio.

Kids From Church Design Game in My Car (And Here It Is…)

Isaiah informed me that he made the game we talked about after church.

Weekend: Sushi, Testimonies, and Romantic Zombie Flicks

Friday night, we had our first official GameCell. James, Alex, and I plopped ourseves in our backyard’s comfy lawn chairs where we talked about work, life, and what Christian worldview is. Conversation seemed to naturally lead to Matthew 7 where Jesus talks about trees that bear good fruit and bad fruit. Then all three of us prayed and we retreated to the basement. I gave James the honor of being the first to play The Last of Us. An extremely intense twenty minutes later, James handed me the controller and said “cool game.” Then he had to go and Jeff Adams joined us. We caught up as succinctly as we could then dove back into the Last of Us. For a significantly less-intense before I shared a bit of the Swapper.

Question The Bible?

Is it time to question the Bible? Have you ever really listened to people question the Bible? “Do you really believe that he fed 5,000? Do you honestly believe Mary was a virgin? How do you know Jesus really rose from the dead?” Are these questions that, when asked, really beckon for an answer? “How can we know that the accounts of the Bible are actually true? Did you know that the Bible says to kill people who have sex outside of marriage? How could a loving God exist if there’s eternal punishment for finite sins? What kind of God would order his people to commit mass-genocide like in the book of Joshua?”

Weekend: Banana Bread, Bible Jeopardy, and Argonauts

Vince co-hosted with Alex as they asked questions that split down the middle between pop culture and Bible trivia. I volunteered to be one of the contestants. I correctly guessed things like the starting year of Metallica, the primary characters in Family Guy, and who said what in what book of the Bible. By the final round, I was well ahead of Elise and Isaiah with a score of $6600, $4400, and $2800 respectively.

What Are Your Spiritual Self-Expectations?

This past Sunday, I was asked to provide the message for our Church family. The results were… different. I asked everybody to anonymously share the struggles in their relationship with God. For some, it was questions about God’s existence. For others, it was more of a struggle with concepts in the Bible. And for others, it was just real conflicts in prayer life.

Weekend: Bad Guys, Sushi, and a Party

We waited 10 minutes and welcomed our first guests. I got to learn all about my neighbors and didn’t even get to connect with my friends until after about 2 hours of party. This was a good thing. I’ve got really interesting neighbors and I can’t wait to learn more about them.

Weekend Roundup – Nov 26

Thanksgiving day involved a lot of moving parts. And by that, I mean we were moving a lot of parts. Since the house was still full of unpacked boxes and and unorganized furniture, we had to get settled.

Thomas Was Alone, Then He Met The Church

For some, gameplay is everything. For others? Narrative. Videogames are a strange medium where a narrator can make the game work (as proven by Bastion). Thomas Was Alone takes that one step further my bringing us an emotionally compelling narrative. It doesn’t hurt that the game has has a savvy Brit for a narrator. He tells us in humorous elocution how the titular character, Thomas, was feeling.

Humble Bundles of Joy

Dear Theophilus, In becoming aware of all things that are positively affecting the culture that you may not be aware about, I would like to bring your attention to the Humble Indie Bundle: a platform for independent videogames to get into the hands of folk who like games in the name of charity and supporting independent developers.