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September Articles

I returned to my writing posts and bring you the results of some hard-written articles.

Hitting a podcast stride with the TheoGameBro Trio

We’ve finally gotten our acts together. We bubble our friendship over into a radio show about video games and how it they relate to following Jesus.

Elsewhere: Seeing The Potential In Everyone

Thomas Was Alone came out today on Steam for PC and Mac. It’s purely a coincidence that today Gamechurch published my article about the game.

Attitude Adjustment

Vince told a story about when he recently had a really bad attitude. Discouraged and annoyed, he forced himself to review some old papers that he kept around.

Christian Dating

Since I’ve been old enough to think about it, dating has been a curiosity. I wanted to know how Jesus wants us to date. Or at the very least, I wanted to know the “correct” way to go about dating. Now, after about fifteen years and getting engaged, I think I’ve figured out a little bit.

The Russian Doll in Film

The Matryoshka doll looks like a doll. What you’re really looking at is a shell. Inside that shell, it looks like there’s another doll. But no, it’s another shell. So it goes until you get to the real doll in the center. You see this doll in film a lot these days. It’s not there visually, but conceptually.