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September Articles

I returned to my writing posts and bring you the results of some hard-written articles.

Upcoming: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

A game is coming out soon that sounds more like a parable Jesus told than a videogame. The synopsis goes something like this: two sons embark on a journey to find the Water of Life. This water is the only cure for their dying father. The brothers have to work together to overcome dangerous situations. One brother lacks bravery. The other lacks strength.

How To De-Stress

Cyndi is somebody who loves the Bible more than most people I know. But last Sunday, she was starting with a different text to start preaching from: a psychological article on how to deal with stress. She took it as kind of a launching pad for her points. Her main points were on how God wants us to de-stress.

Attitude Adjustment

Vince told a story about when he recently had a really bad attitude. Discouraged and annoyed, he forced himself to review some old papers that he kept around.


20 years ago, my parents were looking to adopt a deaf child. A few months later, my mom arrived in JFK with my malnourished three-year-old Brazilian brother.

Mommy + Daddy = Making Music

This is probably why I love Ben + Vesper. They remind me of: a very specific era of my childhood; growing up in Philly around around my mommy and daddy’s band.