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No Underestimating the Walking Dead and a Theology of Exploration

In which, contributions elsewhere point-out the value of oft-overlooked folk and remind us to have an explorative theology.

Games Writing: Zombies, Aliens, and Addiction, Oh My!

I like people a lot. That might be why I dislike zombies. So when I say I like State of Decay isn’t about the zombies and freely roaming an open world, I mean it’s really about caring for people. I wrote a longing lamentation about it on Gamechurch. When I got into the community leadership part of the game, I really got into it.

Ten 2013 Games That Jesus Loves (And Why), a Crysis Vacation Guide, and TG News

I had the privilege of being a part of GameChurch’s annual list of games we think Jesus would love. I was responsible for write-ups on number seven (Shelter) and number ten (The Stanley Parable). Check it out.

The Apostle Paul, Interdependence, and the Wolf Among Us

Some recent developments: The Apostle Paul and The Wolf Among Us Remember in Acts 20 when that guy fell out of a window when Paul was preaching? This has a teensy bit to do with that. I examined Telltale’s Wolf Among Us: Episode One and it’s similarity to the Apostle Paul’s origin story over at […]

Why We Love, Why We Hate, And Why Baby Badgers Are Important

Over at Substance TV, we started a new review format called, “Why We Love.” Review scores usually tell us whether a game is worth learning about. A high score tells you to check out the game. A low score tells you that the game doesn’t matter.

Going Home, Watching Jess Play, Picking the Summer’s Best, and Visiting Raystown Lake

I wrote about Gone Home. Jess squeals at Proteus. I made a list of the top five apps of the summer. And Jess, Luna, and I went to Raystown Lake.

Gamecell 5 – Indie Game: The Movie: The Games

When Stevie showed up with his buddy, Noah, I knew we were in for a good night. I asked Noah what he knew about GameCell and he said he heard we played games. I asked him if we knew we would be beating him over the head with the Bible later. He got red in his face and just looked at me. I smiled.

Guess I’ve Been Busy?

I’ve got lots of new stuff popping-up all around the interwebs: from commentary on TV shows, to weird indie game first-person narratives, to interviews with game designers.

Elsewhere: E3 From Central PA

Unfortunately, Skype didn’t provide the best video quality, so I look rather janky. Still good convo and food for thought about E3, gamer entitlement, and how to wisely navigate our own geek excitement.

Elsewhere: Bioshock Infinite Review

I reviewed Bioshock Infinite over at Substance TV. I only cover the gameplay, so don’t worry about anything getting spoiled. Maybe one of these days, I’ll write-up a commentary on the way the game handles Christianity in its story. I loved the art and style of the game though, despite disliking most everything else.