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2013 In Review: Creations and Thank Yous

A lot of people helped me to make wonderful things this year. ¬†Writing mostly. Speaking on occasion. Designing and making videos throughout. Today I’d like to share some of the things I’m most proud of and take the op to thank everybody who helped make it all possible.

Ten 2013 Games That Jesus Loves (And Why), a Crysis Vacation Guide, and TG News

I had the privilege of being a part of GameChurch’s annual list of games we think Jesus would love. I was responsible for write-ups on number seven (Shelter) and number ten (The Stanley Parable). Check it out.

Bastion – The Indie Folk Game

Bastion is a fantasy game in a fantasy setting. There are the remnants of pagan religions, confused monsters, and a beautiful but broken country that exists in the sky. Yet, somehow it feels familiar. Almost like it’s somehow our story. The audio is such an important part of this puzzle. The smooth cool narrator tells the story while music plays. It sounds like Americana. I can’t help but feel like this game qualifies as American indie folk: a game that shines some light on what it means to be American.

Humble Bundles of Joy

Dear Theophilus, In becoming aware of all things that are positively affecting the culture that you may not be aware about, I would like to bring your attention to the Humble Indie Bundle: a platform for independent videogames to get into the hands of folk who like games in the name of charity and supporting independent developers.

Sound Shapes and the New Music Game

Rock Band and Guitar Hero are dead. They don’t they make them any more. Why? The creators and their audience hit a wall. Those games never effectively fostered a culture of creativity. But the music game genre isn’t dead. Far from it. Enter Sound Shapes.