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RETRO NIGHT (old school Nintendo games): Daniel, Seth 1, Brylan, Seth 2, John, Alex Carter, Brandon, Greg, and Yoshi flooded my living room with Vince and Wayne while I was out in Ohio.

What do you do if God talks to you, but doesn’t seem like Jesus?

Did you know that video games exist where God talks to you?

Relational Tension Night — GameCell Recap

Our crew explored the value of healthy relational tension and played four games that demonstrated that kind of good tension!

Recaps: Gamecell’s Papa Night

“Just love and listen.” This seemed to be what King Daddy was reminding me as I prepped for our Friday Night experience. Questions sat in queue, but I said ready for Him to illuminate the theme: He’s a loving Papa who wants to connect with these dudes.

SportsFriends GameCell

In which, our GameCell played the Sportsfriends collection in the back yard and we discussed God and stuff.

Hearts, Minds, and Book Finds

I read now more than ever. But most of my reading is online. So it came as a surprise when I found myself spending $33.16 on a pair of books when I was at Hearts & Minds with Adam (my best man) and Lina (his 18-month-old daughter) this past Saturday. Even worse, the books were the first I grabbed and I didn’t spend more than thirty seconds deciding on them.

Does Seven Swans Reimagined Subvert?

In 2004, Sufjan Stevens released an album forged out of a loving reverence for the scriptures. Titled Seven Swans, the album was a summation of all that was wonderful and lovely. In 2011, this album was reimagined.

Macaroni and Cheese (and Marriage)

God has a way of showing Himself in the sweetly mundane of life’s moments. In a passing glance, in a kind word, in sunshine pardoning rain… in a bowl of mac and cheese.

Blue Like Jazz Movie Trailer

Have you ever read Don Miller’s book of the same name? Well, the movie is almost here. What do you think of this trailer?

Flesh and Blood

John 1:14 says: “The Word (who was God) became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” “What if God Was One of Us?” To Joan Osborne (famous for the 1995 song of this title), this question seemed highly rhetorical and far from reach. In her experience, it was almost as if God never was […]