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GameCell Question Night

This time, all our serious questions came from the guys, not me. First, we broke the ice with “What games have affected you on a deep emotional level?

Games Writing: Zombies, Aliens, and Addiction, Oh My!

I like people a lot. That might be why I dislike zombies. So when I say I like State of Decay isn’t about the zombies and freely roaming an open world, I mean it’s really about caring for people. I wrote a longing lamentation about it on Gamechurch. When I got into the community leadership part of the game, I really got into it.

GameCell Cookout & The Stanley Parable

Brian, Vince, James, and newcomer Pierce munched on delicious burgers around a toasty fire. “What’s your favorite game lately and why?”

Elsewhere Roundup: Don’t Starve, Guacamelee, and Dyad

My focus on games is largely about trying to bring videogame-skeptics (especially in the church) up to speed on redemptive game stuff. Part of that is to validate the medium. And part of that is for my own growth as one who wants to be involved in game-making.

10 Sweet Finds at PAX East

I saw a crap ton of games at PAX East. But here’s just a few that I felt compelled to really look into: