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Videos: Doubt, Steam, and Hope?

Our GameCell asked a lot of brilliant questions last time we got together. But we didn’t have time to answer all of them. To preserve the value and integrity of the questions being asked, I took to video.

Honeycomb Tombs and Resurrection

Karla Adolphe created an album specifically for those going through grief. Then she decided to give it away on her website for free. While by it’s definition, an indie album, this isn’t a low-fi indie effort. Honeycomb Tombs may be one of the finest crafted musical experiences I’ve heard. And it’s oozing with soothing honey for those who are going through hell.

Good News: Day of Judgment

I honestly thought this May 21st Day of Judgement stuff was gonna blow over. Then I saw this fellow in the York square with this sign.

On Vocation

How do you pursue God’s vocation for your life?

Guest Post: My Prayer

Please take a moment to slow down and really process her words. My Prayer: so many wasted years
intent on self destruction unable to embrace freedom

…From Rejection

My Darkest Words: “I’ll never be loved by a woman because I’m so ****ed-up in the head.”

A Daddy’s Tangled Daughter

There was a king. He had a daughter he loved more than anything. Shortly after her birth, she was stolen from him…

Job Well Done: A Different Kind of Retirement

Do you look forward to ending life in luxury and ease or finishing it strong, continuing to build for the rest of your life?