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Getting teenage boys to discuss repentance might be a terrible idea, but I figured “why not give it a go?”


GAMECELL explores games, life, and God. We meet every two weeks in my living room and basement. These recaps hope to spark your imagination. We love violence in video games, even if we hate it in real life. So I figured, why not use that as fuel for discussion with the GAMECELL crew? Let’s talk about […]

ENEMY NIGHT — A Gamecell Recap

We explored the question, “How does one love their enemies and what games equip you to deal with enemies in redemptive ways?”

Quick Night: A Gamecell Recap

What does the Bible say about the word quick? Our GameCell finds out and plays some games with quick-action!

Wanna Conquer Fear Like Jesus?

Let’s take a look at how you handle your fears and how Jesus dealt with his fears. Maybe we’ll meet in the middle?

GameCell Recap: Five Games and a Heavy Question

We had a rather eventful Friday Night. Heavy conversation. And heavy play time. Super rich evening.

Mammoth GameCell (16!)

Somehow we crammed fourteen full-size males into my tiny living room. Then we asked this question: “Who’s your biggest living hero?”

Resurrection, Alzheimers, and Alpha Protocol

In which, we explore some of the best stuff from April because we’re lazy and didn’t share it until now…

Holy Monday: Why Did Jesus Really Curse The Fig Tree?

The first thing Jesus does after Palm Sunday where he rode into Jerusalem, cleaned-out the temple, and healed the sick? He flip-outs on a fig tree…

Ten 2013 Games That Jesus Loves (And Why), a Crysis Vacation Guide, and TG News

I had the privilege of being a part of GameChurch’s annual list of games we think Jesus would love. I was responsible for write-ups on number seven (Shelter) and number ten (The Stanley Parable). Check it out.