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Elsewhere: Knytt Underground – The Simultaneous Walk of the Faithful and Faithless

I was tempted to simply say that this game was the Skyrim of Metroidvanias. Good thing I have editors that talked me into writing about something much more interesting than that. Walking with the faithless as a person of faith? Much more relevant to the world.

Weekend: Teenagers, Bible Stories, and a New Bed (Sorta)

I was at 18 South on Friday night instead of Thursday like usual. We get more kids on Fridays anyway, so it was a lot more fun: A gentlemanly game of Halo 4 with Mason and new guy, Dustin. A round of Monopoly Deal: Millionaire with Chelsea and Levi. And a decent amount of Nindtendoland on Wii U with Courtney, Dakota, and his sister Whitney. Our wiimotes were failing on us for some of it, but it was still excessively fun. Those are some seriously fun kids.