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Does Seven Swans Reimagined Subvert?

In 2004, Sufjan Stevens released an album forged out of a loving reverence for the scriptures. Titled Seven Swans, the album was a summation of all that was wonderful and lovely. In 2011, this album was reimagined.

Music Reviews – Does It Subvert?

A string of album reviews is brewing, asking one main question: “Does it subvert?” To find this answer, we look at three categories: ears, spirit, and heart.

…From Rejection

My Darkest Words: “I’ll never be loved by a woman because I’m so ****ed-up in the head.”

Christian Side Hug

Recently, I came across this Wikipedia entry: The Christian Side Hug.

Christian Sex Ed

The Class: Mr. Hildebrand was our Sex Ed teacher: He taught 5 of us 13 year old boys all that we need to know. His lessons could summed up in three Greek words.

I Love You

Next time you see me in person, I’m gonna tell you I love you. It doesn’t matter who you are. I’ve been saying it to all of my friends. Especially guys. I left my workplace recently and said it to my coworker, Matt. I wonder how he took it.

Mommy + Daddy = Making Music

This is probably why I love Ben + Vesper. They remind me of: a very specific era of my childhood; growing up in Philly around around my mommy and daddy’s band.

How I Fell in Love With Emmylou Harris

“New” Music When looking for good new unique Christiocentric music, the last place I typically look is in the archives of Country music “legends.” I mean, I have one Johnny Cash album and I feel like that’s enough. You know? Yet, here I am, completely fascinated by Emmylou Harris. Finding the Wrecking Ball I was […]