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Jay Tholen’s New Album

Like Happy-weird Jesus-lovin’ Music? So Jay Tholen is a really rad dude that I love a lot and want lots of my friend to love, too. He makes brilliant wacky music about his love for Jesus. And he’s also making videogames. In short? He’s what Love Subverts is all about.

Honeycomb Tombs and Resurrection

Karla Adolphe created an album specifically for those going through grief. Then she decided to give it away on her website for free. While by it’s definition, an indie album, this isn’t a low-fi indie effort. Honeycomb Tombs may be one of the finest crafted musical experiences I’ve heard. And it’s oozing with soothing honey for those who are going through hell.

Sound Shapes and the New Music Game

Rock Band and Guitar Hero are dead. They don’t they make them any more. Why? The creators and their audience hit a wall. Those games never effectively fostered a culture of creativity. But the music game genre isn’t dead. Far from it. Enter Sound Shapes.

Mr. Strumpel’s Birds

Aaron Strumpel loves worshipping Jesus. And he loves doing it in an X-centric way. His music has captured my attention every time he releases something new. This has been ongoing for longer than the past two years for me. But something that happened two years ago really caught my attention.

Does Seven Swans Reimagined Subvert?

In 2004, Sufjan Stevens released an album forged out of a loving reverence for the scriptures. Titled Seven Swans, the album was a summation of all that was wonderful and lovely. In 2011, this album was reimagined.

Music Reviews – Does It Subvert?

A string of album reviews is brewing, asking one main question: “Does it subvert?” To find this answer, we look at three categories: ears, spirit, and heart.

A Reminder To Dream Again

“You don’t pursue your dreams until you can’t do anything but go after them.”

How To De-Stress

Cyndi is somebody who loves the Bible more than most people I know. But last Sunday, she was starting with a different text to start preaching from: a psychological article on how to deal with stress. She took it as kind of a launching pad for her points. Her main points were on how God wants us to de-stress.

Aaron Strumpel’s Poinsettia Surprise

Aaron Strumpel loves you. This dude is chock full of love and joy. The result of a dirty-hippy-loving interview with Aaron will soon be published here on Love Subverts. Since I spoke with him just a short while ago, he spontaneously made an entire Christmas album! He’s giving a few songs away for free. But if you […]

We Wish You a Sounds Familyre Christmas

Sounds Familyre Records is the pretty girl in seventh grade that I wanted to ask to the school dance. She might be goofy and have glasses four times too big, but I don’t care. I like her. Free Christmas Music She’s releasing her third free Christmas album. Two new songs are released every day until […]